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Worm casting

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Worm casting

Worm Manure, Worm Compost Ideal for the vegetable garden, lawn, ornamental garden or indoor plants. Our worm manure contains 100% organic material digested by worms. If you want to buy worm fertilizer, make sure you get a big discount for larger quantities.

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After a period of time, all worms are sieved out of the ground. After which the soil is additionally sieved so that a nice fine dry grain remains. After this, the fresh product comes in air-permeable bags so that it stays fresh longer. The presence of worms and cocoons are a bonus of our product! The worms will never harm your crop, but in combination with worm manure they provide:

Benefits of worm manure

  • Long-lasting airy bottom.

  • Nutrition for your plants

  • Lots of Organic material

  • Better drainage of your soil

  • Lots of good fungi and micro-organisms

  • A good root system

  • Faster germination

  • Disease resistant

  • Powerful growth and explosive flowering

  • Source of Citin

Ideal for turning poor soil into top soil in a responsible manner.

25 percent increase in yield. The results were very clear from a literature study and statistical technique at Wageningen University: “If earthworms are present, the crop yield increases by an average of 25 percent, and the above-ground biomass by 23 percent, the worms also have no influence on the nitrogen content of the plants. That is an indication of the quality of a crop. All in all, we can conclude that earthworms have a particularly positive effect on crop production.”source:

Worm compost tea

Worm manure is also suitable for making: 'worm tea, worm juice, compost tea'. This remedy can be used in the irrigation water or sprayed as foliar nutrition. There are several recipes for making compost tea. You can tap it if you have a worm tower ( Worm Leachate ) or you can make it yourself.

Put a 1/2 liter of worm manure and 10 liters of water in a bucket. Add 50 gr molasses or 20 gr sugar and let it stand for a few days with an air pump and a heating element. After a while it starts foaming and smells sweet with a hint of orange. Now it is ready to use. diluted or undiluted. The water can be filtered in the plant sprayer and you have your own foliar nutrition! We are now doing a lot of testing to see how best to make worm tea for agriculture.

Do you have a field and do you want to participate in the test, sign up via: