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Fish worms: Dendrobena / Eisenia Hortensis. Compost Worms: Tiger Worms, Eisenia Fetida and Eisenia Hortensis

Eisenia Hortensis – Fish worms

Eisenia Hortensis is the Latin name of the worm that is also known under: Fish worms, Dendrobena Veneta, Springers   and among others Nightcrawlers. These names usually mean the same worm. Dendrobena and fish worms are common names in the Netherlands. This worm is ideally suited for fishing. And that is why it is used all over the world.

The worm is characterized by its mobility, hence the nickname 'springer'. The fleshy, vital worm that remains mobile for a long time underwater and is therefore the most commonly used worm during competitions.

This worm is also gaining popularity in worm towers. Because it is a strong worm that can convert a lot of G.F.T.

Eisenia Fetidia – Compost worms

Einenia Fetidia is the Latin name of the worm which is also known under the names: Manure Pier, Redwigglers, Compost Worms and Tiger Worms. On the internet it sometimes happens that the two worms are mixed up. Although this worm is also used as a fish worm, this worm is less suitable due to its shelf life. This worm is more suitable for converting manure into a compost heap and can especially handle more acidic substrate. Especially abroad, this worm or in combination with Eisenia Hortensis is used to convert cow manure, for example.

The Eisenia Fetidia and the Eisenia Hortensis together are the ideal combination as compost worms for your Worm Tower or Balcony barrel. By adding different worms, your Worm Tower or Balconyton will be better balanced. The different worms each have their own unique properties in terms of temperature, food and humidity. In this way, the Wormentors or Balconyton can better adapt when exposed to extremes.

“But wait they can do more”

Other applications

In addition to being ideal bait and compost worms, both worms are also very suitable for the following applications:

  • Food for aquarium inhabitants  (Axolotls, Pufferfish, Catfish)

  • Bird food (high protein content)

  • Soil improvement*

  • Reptile food

*By adding worms to your soil you improve the drainage of your soil. The thousands of tunnels that the worms dig ensure that the water goes better into the ground. These tunnels are also used by crop roots to make it easier and deeper to go into the ground. Here you can find the special worm mix for soil improvement.